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[map] open city SUV Tibet Plateau keangkewei – Buick automobile Sohu first pages: DAY1: open city SUV Tibet [Sohu   car; car] Tibet, a desirable place, how many young artists in droves, like what was to try. As a part of me, naturally have this desire. But however trivial, busy work, the most important thing is the cause of the poor, all has not yet been formed. So when the editor told me the test drive of the trip, my mood is excited. But after the excitement, a trace of worry came to my mind. After all, keangkewei is just a city of SUV, and the road to Tibet known to insurance. Do not you see, dare not Tibet SLR, Prado, is the Wrangler, that are serious off-road vehicles! This trip, I can come back? So, if you can see this, it means I’m safe. This shows that Buick really can do keangkewei Tibet this difficult task. In this test, I also like you, for its performance, especially at an altitude of over 4000 meters of altitude on the performance of skeptical. But after 7 days of it and stay together morning and night after the journey, I was completely dispel concerns. Its power has withstood the test of thin air in the plateau, and the gearbox is very different from before. Of course, after all, you have to look down. (Editor: Tengfei)相关的主题文章:

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Help APP overseas more than 80 guy first half net profit of about seventy million, 30, thirty years of age. At this age the boy in Hunan section of Wei, has a company worth about $2 billion 200 million. In the days prior to the announcement of the start empty-handed 80 Hurun rich list, he was born in January 1986, became the youngest richest. In China, known as Tencent monopoly of the user, Baidu monopoly of the flow of the argument. You may not think, even if it is a monopoly of the flow of Baidu, but also to the Department of the company to buy the amount of science and technology. Why is Duan Wei so cow? Catch in the sea wave of three year spell out nearly 100 million users in 2004, while Wei was admitted to the Zhejiang University system science and engineering at the age of 18. Since then, he was determined to take the road of entrepreneurship, sophomore summer to do a similar to everyone’s network project, access to hundreds of thousands of users. After graduating in 2008, Duan Wei chose HUAWEI. "Early HUAWEI have a lot of good talent, relying on HUAWEI’s system achieved many good results in the mid twenties, this is the main reason I chose HUAWEI. But after I entered HUAWEI, found the entire communications industry has reached a relatively saturated period, future growth may not be so relatively rapidly, and this industry not only relates to the product, also relates to the supply chain, production, quality assurance, with my background in the field of entrepreneurship is not appropriate so, I spent a year away from HUAWEI." After leaving Duan Wei, sold lighters at the airport, in Xinjiang sold three months of fire equipment…… Although he made a lot of money, but it is not his favorite project. After playing for more than half a year, in January 2010, Duan Wei joined UC excellent technology Co., Ltd., is responsible for the UC browser’s overseas business, becoming the first official staff of this business. Chinese enterprises "sea" precedent. Back in 2003, in 2005, China Internet Corporation had a wave of waves, such as Baidu to enter the Japanese market, Tencent into Southeast Asia, but the effect is not very good. This is because the time is still in the PC Internet era, only the United States Internet Co developed the best. China Internet Corporation regardless of technical strength or product strength, are not ready to develop overseas markets, so it is difficult to open up the situation. By 2010, the smart mobile phone began to rise, the mobile Internet era, the China Internet Corporation in the domestic market competition intensified, began eyeing more "original" India, Vietnam, Russia and other overseas markets. UC browser is in this context, began to expand overseas. In the UC three years, Wei period UC brand will hit overseas, quarter surged nearly billion active users from zero, and occupy more than 25% market share in India, Vietnam and Indonesia, he joined the company employees have surged from less than 400 people to 2000 people. Solo Entrepreneurs to help traffic change is now only 32 months listed on the new board in 2013, APP IOS and Android market emerge in an endless stream, a fiery. Some developers have spotted numerous Wei empty users but have cash flow the difficult situation in Guangzhou set up a vocabulary of science and Technology (Mobvista), y相关的主题文章: