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Yang Yang, Zhong Hanliang, who is the real man to restore the main characters in the novel? Public concern number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! The recent hit drama "smiled very little" Gu diffuse novels again fire times. From the "Shanshan" to the "energy-saving" to the present "smile", Gu big girl Minmeng success style of the novel captured a large number of users. So the three novels of the same name adapted from the TV series, who starred in the title of God to restore the novel? 1, "Shanshan coming" – Teng letter (Zhang Hanshi) in the novel "Shanshan to eat", the male letter Teng is a calm, careful, even a bit old-fashioned. When the boss met the full four dimensional thought small confused Xue Shanshan, seems particularly by subtly malicious and bullying nature gradually exposed. Zhang Han since his debut movie since has been to overbearing president for labels, naturally comes with the kind I call president I am proud of the style to a large number of fans. Overbearing, high cold, love the personality label had been Zhang Han behaved perfectly. However, Xiao Bian think, in "Shanshan coming" does not feel the breath too belongs to the "letter of president Tang". Zhao Liying could deduce Xue Shanshan too dazzling, cut to Zhang Han, will play, to see if a mature version of Murong clouds. 2, "energy-saving" — why Chen (Zhong Hanliang) this is a small part of the love novels Gu diffuse character. He Yichen is the C law school wit, handsome, tall and straight, indifferent eyes, calm and confident. And these are Zhong Hanliang superb acting out. Although the Lord Tang Yan is the play, but Wallace is absolutely idol type in acting, so don’t put a thousand years to see idol who was also addicted to. In fact, Xiaobian always felt small wow acting better than many mainland strength actor, but may be more eye-catching appearance on the TV screen, most of the audience or focus too much on his face while ignoring his acting ability. Hope that such an idol and strength of the actors can receive more points for their role. 3, "smiled very little" — Xiao NaI (Yang Yangshi) this drama is the extent of the fire and. In the novel the Xiao Nai is a computer genius, or a swimmer, slightly nuanced. While Yang Yang played the Xiao Nai Yan values out, out of a casual posture temperament, the eye is a painting, fully restored in the novel god. Saying, Xiao Bian did not think Yang Yang is very handsome, but after this drama interpretation, his smile is just a look of a painting, the great God cool. If Yang Yang does not take a lot of Xiao Nai do the details of the deal, how will the audience of users so fascinated to see? Finally Xiaobian want to say is that as a novel adaptation of the drama or youth idol drama, Yan value is important, but to restore the character of the novel is more important. The character has been restored, and the character has been successful. Now the adaptation of all fiction drama disaster caused by flooding water, hope can give to the original book and powder of respect, heart and the reduction of the novel, it is that we want to see. More exciting content please pay attention @相关的主题文章:

Hubei branch of the Agricultural Bank of China issued 2 billion 710 million loans to support poverty 9c8836

The Agricultural Development Bank branch in Hubei Province Department of loans of 2 billion 710 million support for poverty alleviation in Hubei channel, people.com.cn people.com.cn Wuhan 7 October, the Agricultural Development Bank Hubei Branch Sales Department in September 2016 to the Hubei provincial poverty alleviation and limited investment in the development of continuous release of the 2 batch to resettle special loans 2 billion 710 million yuan, can solve Qichun, Tongcheng, Hefeng, Jianshi, Badong, Zigui, five, Laifeng peak, Xingshan, Xiaochang, Yingshan, Dawu Baokang, Macheng, Luotian, Shenlongjia forest 16 impoverished counties synchronous relocation of farmers building and supporting infrastructure and public service facilities such as capital requirements, will help poor households filing riser 49638 households, population 148915 people to achieve poverty the relocation of poverty, for the province to resettle work smoothly provide continued strong agricultural policy financial support. This is the Department of the Hubei province poverty alleviation investment and Development Co., 21 billion 930 million yuan in April 20th this year by the head office for approval by the government to resettle subsidies for special loans 2 batches before delivery, the remaining loans will be required to gradually put in place. In recent years, the business department always keep in mind as the agricultural policy financial support of the main channel of Comrade Xi Jinping’s "agricultural development bank must, as a weak industry, the weak foundation of agriculture and rural policy protection", closely around the "three rural" key areas, key links and backward areas, increase credit, in poor areas in particular, the old revolutionary base areas, in accordance with the "five best service" requirements, selection of marketable credit products and special construction funds, enthusiastic service for the benefit of the project, and actively carry out infrastructure, poverty alleviation, industrial poverty, poverty alleviation, employment, poverty alleviation, tourism poverty alleviation photovoltaic. Since September 2015, the head office opened to resettle loan business, give full play to the Department of policy advantage, capital advantage and professional advantages, take the main force task in the precise poverty credit business in agricultural development, and actively promote to resettle government subsidies for special loan business. In December 24th last year, Hubei province poverty alleviation Investment Development Co., Ltd. was formally established and opened a basic account in the business department. In January 4th this year, the Ministry of Commerce in the country’s agricultural distribution system to absorb and allocate 9 billion 750 million yuan of special funds to help the poor, in April 20th, the province’s $21 billion 930 million to ease the relocation of special loans approved by the head office. In order to ensure the smooth and effective delivery of special loans for poverty alleviation and relocation, the business department to Hubei province to resettle the leading group recommended to carry out the pilot work of povertyalleviation financing in the province part of the poor county, and in the recommended time after the provincial development and Reform Commission, the provincial poverty alleviation investment development limited company in impoverished areas of Qichun County, Tongcheng County, Hefeng province Jianshi County, the county to carry out pilot work of financing. In September 9th, the Department of Hubei province to poverty alleviation investment development limited company issued the first to resettle special loans for 720 million yuan; September 30th, issued second batches to resettle special loans 1 billion 990 million yuan, the two batch of a total of 2 billion 710 million yuan of loans, loans for the province to resettle the full implementation of the project opened up the situation. It is understood that, in order to ensure the smooth progress of poverty alleviation, the Ministry of Commerce in the agricultural development in Hubei Province相关的主题文章:

Want to know the future development direction of Chinese army Look at this – Sohu news pgd-426

Want to know the future development direction of Chinese army? Look at this news – Sohu       Yue Feifei Zou Chunxia, editor of | wrote in September 18th, the military announced a series of changes in enrollment policy in 2017 military colleges and scientific research institutions of new students. Because the adjustment of a lot of content, causing concern. Which mainly includes the size of the compression enrollment, tilt to the new combat forces, delegated approval authority. Enrollment is also a weathervane, can see the changes in enrollment, in order to understand the future direction of the army. The new agency knows the background of the admissions. The reform of military leadership and command system, enrollment functions from the original General Political Department ganbubu and original zongcan military affairs department of the Central Military Commission to adjust the training management department. Indeed, no less busy is responsible for the management of military military training management department changed after enrollment. It is understood, according to the training target, the military college enrollment is divided into growing cadre enrollment (Tracy note: simply said, is the way in enrollment after graduation and enrollment officer is cadres). In the past the two business by a former General Political Department ganbubu and original zongcan military affairs department in charge, in the defense and military reform, clear future enrollment, the military training management department is responsible for policy formulation, planning, preparation, organization and implementation of university education, education management and elimination of shunting duties by the military and political work the Department is responsible for regulating the size of the structure, calculation of supplementary requirements, the guidance of graduation assignment and management of cadet school selection promotion business. Not long after the formation of the new sector, in April, the army and armed police forces in the college enrollment began in 2016. At that time, the military training management department responsible person at the meeting after the enrollment work in military colleges and universities accepted the media interview and revealed that in 2016, the military and armed forces in 2015 has the number of enrollment plan Yajian, but in the index distribution, given new combat forces and urgent shortage professional more inclined. This year is the first time after the transfer of the organization to adjust the recruitment of students. With the end of this year’s military college admissions work, the military training department and the graduate work in 2017 began to establish new regulations. The new rules in late April, the army newspaper reported, gradually straighten out the relationship between the enrollment management is being adjusted, the theater, the services and arms, military departments and the military units directly under the armed police force has basically been completed business sector led to over. Can be found in the military training management department released the contents of the infantry, artillery, and other traditional army combat force major, the number of students were 24%, Yajian; accounting audit, health care, infrastructure barracks, ordnance and other logistic vehicle command specialty, the number of enrollment respectively reduced 45%, nearly half. With this correspondence, aviation, ships, missiles and other new combat forces, air and space intelligence processing, radar, UAV and other much-needed discipline, the number of students increased by 14%, 16% respectively. The government knows that intention to do so has been very obvious, mainly based on the military commanding officer training, especially combat arms. Security professionals have reduced the number of specialized military training. After the game相关的主题文章:

The incidence of breast cancer in women over 50 years old is higher in the middle and old aged women www.cmechina.net

The incidence of breast cancer in women aged 50 and above is rising in the middle and old aged women (Figure 1). In the past 10 years, the incidence of breast cancer in women aged 50-79 years in Shanghai has increased significantly, and the middle-aged and old women are still at high risk of breast cancer. This is the Xinmin Evening News, Xinmin reporter recently from Shanghai city " " partners to obtain information on a series of activities. According to a survey published by the China cancer research foundation, breast cancer has become the biggest threat to women in cities such as Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou. Data show that the incidence of female breast cancer in Shanghai city has increased from 10 years ago to 52 million 100 thousand, up to the current rate of 66 million 100 thousand, an increase of 28%. According to reports, at present, compared with developed countries, the incidence of breast cancer in China showed " double peak " (45 to 55 years of age as a peak, after the age of 65 for another peak) characteristics. In the past 10 years, young women 25 to 49 years old group in Shanghai, the incidence of breast cancer showed no obvious growth, and 50-79 years old group showed significant increase in incidence in elderly women are at higher risk of breast cancer. Reporters learned that, with the increasing incidence of breast cancer, there are more and more forces into the care of breast cancer groups. As Shanghai city " " partners; one of a series of activities, Shanghai fendie Care Breast Disease Center was established in shanghai. According to reports, the future care center will achieve " promote breast disease prevention knowledge, promote physical and mental rehabilitation, improve the quality of life of " for the purpose, to carry out breast disease prevention knowledge, breast disease related consulting services, public welfare activities and breast disease care volunteer training, to help patients with physical and mental rehabilitation, provide more employment information, training and other aspects of real help, from multiple perspectives to help breast cancer patients to return to normal life. "" "" Shanghai today recommended 2017 annual Medicare and rural residents pay the end of December 25th the city began to register within five years to build 100 kilometers of underground pipe gallery will increase the low-income housing 300 thousand sets of Minhang a man parked illegally punished arrogant attitude cut Pudong police tear ticket building a man high fall dead. The police have launched an investigation into the death of his wife the house sold the old man with the inexplicable laws to recapture "" "" wonderful video exposure Li Chen married Zhang Hanna with one billion net worth of fan ye build nests that make people happy about suspected nosebleed adorable sister cos, actually comes from the 60 after the uncle in the hands of Papi sauce on Monday — the game let the star mad widow broadcasting! Why he was half of entertainment hated? Use your finger, at any time the illegal traffic! Sweep under the two-dimensional code, focus on Tencent Dashen network! Welcome to pay attention to the big Tencent Shen Wangwei letter (micro signal: dashenw)相关的主题文章:

Chery Tiggo 3x exposure or the sale of 63 thousand and 900 yuan (video) utc行家

Chery Tiggo 3X exposure or the sale of 63 thousand and 900 yuan [Abstract] we obtained detailed configuration information from the official Tiggo 3X models, which will be officially listed on November 15th at present, we obtained from the official (Tiggo 3 ginseng, pictures, inquiry) configuration details of X models, which will be on November 15th officially listed, will the launch of the 1.5L displacement of 6 models available, before the official announcement of the sale price of 6.39-7.99 million yuan. Competitors, it will be directly aimed at the Harvard H1 (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) and Changan CS15 and other small SUV. 3X size, Tiggo 3X length and breadth were 42001760 1570mm, wheelbase 2555mm, positioned as a small SUV. The appearance of the configuration, the new car will provide a panoramic sunroof, LED daytime running lights, a roof rack and optional rear spoiler. The interior Tiggo Tiggo 3X, 3X is equipped with a control color large screen, and equipped with a Cloudrive2.0 driving system of Chery Internet intellectual cloud, and support the Carplay mobile phone connection function, while providing a full vehicle 4G WiFi network and VOS intelligent voice interactive function. In addition, the new car will be the standard multifunctional leather steering wheel, double color interior color and cruise. Tiggo 3X interior security configuration, the Tiggo 3X standard ABS+EBD, with models equipped with ESC, HHC ramp auxiliary control, while the top model is equipped with reversing radar, dynamic auxiliary parking and tire pressure monitoring etc.. 2017. Real video Tiggo 3X power, the car will be equipped with a 1.5L naturally aspirated engine, the maximum power of 78kW (106Ps), peak torque of 135N· m, with matching is 5 speed manual or 4 speed automatic transmission. Copyright statement: This article is an exclusive copy of Tencent automobile, copyright for all Tencent cars. Welcome to reprint, please specify the source (Tencent) and the author, or will be held liable.相关的主题文章: